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“We hire some very high-profile speakers at Rotman and our Executive MBAs voted Ross the #1 speaker for the year. They were still talking about him weeks later. He’s engaging, professional, his advice is practical and he really understands how MBAs/EMBAs should be marketing themselves in their careers. This is a tough and very demanding audience to please, and their feedback shows how good he really is…definitely the BEST of the BEST.”


- Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

MBA Workshops & Webinars


Ross's live presentations, hands-on workshops and webinars are regarded as the very best the industry offers. Ross works closely with each Career Management Center to understand the make-up of each cohort, determine specific needs, and customize programs to ensure participants leave with the exact ideas, strategies and actionable items they need to succeed.


Below are details on some of Ross' most popular programs that he delivers across North America and internationally.  


Customized programs: if you have a specific topic you would like Ross to deliver, or two topics you'd like combined into one, just ask. Ross has delivered programs on almost every career topic, has modified content to fit any need, and has developed and delivered everything from 1-hour "power hours" to full-day career bootcamps. Contact Ross to find out how he can help.


Video Interviewing Master Class

A recent Korn Ferry report revealed that 71% of companies surveyed use video interviewing platforms for their hiring (JPMorgan Chase, Johnson & Johnson, and many others).  Goldman Sachs, for example, has replaced ALL of their on-campus recruiting with video recruiting.  And companies are not just using video at the interview stage…they’re now using video at the application stage and applying cognitive assessment software to analyze the content of candidate ATS keyword scanning on steroids!


In this cutting-edge session, Ross Macpherson pairs up with Catharine Fennel the CEO of videoBIO, a leader in the video interviewing space, to provide your MBAs with a hands-on workshop where they will work on their messaging AND get a chance to practice with the video interviewing technology in real time to see 1) how “video-ready” they are, and 2) how the technology evaluates their performance and fit.


Don’t miss out on this workshop…it’s the first of its kind!


Participants will learn:


  • How the latest video interviewing technology works, from the applicant’s side as well as from the employer’s side

  • How to master their messaging and overall performance in a pre-recorded or live video format

  • How the technology utilizes IBM Watson to evaluate and grade their performance against hiring criteria…and each student will get real-time results 


Recommended length: 2.5 - 3 hours

Advanced LinkedIn Profiles for MBAs

A powerful, well written and keyword-optimized profile is critical to your success on LinkedIn.  If you want to be found, and compel people to contact or connect with you, your profile has to be well constructed and take advantage of every key section. But no one has told you how…until now.


In this hands-on workshop, Ross divulges the secrets he uses as a professional writer as he walks participants through the whys and hows of standing out among your competition and presenting yourself as the top-notch professional and emerging leader you are.


Participants will learn:


  • How MBAs can maximize the 120 characters in their headline

  • What makes a great LinkedIn photo…and you need a great one

  • How to construct a great Summary (definitely the toughest section)

  • What to include in your Education and Experience sections

  • Additional tricks to maximize your SEO rankings…secrets LinkedIn doesn’t even tell you


Recommended length: 2 - 2.5 hours


Advanced Interviewing Techniques for MBAs

Knowing the “basics” of how to interview will only put you on par with every other candidate, and that’s not going to win you a job offer.  This session takes what you know about interviewing and gives you advanced strategies to help you stand out and blow your competition away.


In this hugely popular workshop, particpants learn:


  • The best practices for preparing for an interview…absolutely critical!

  • Expert conversational techniques to build rapport and keep the conversation moving

  • How to manage or avoid the traps that kill most interviews

  • How to start strong and end strong

  • How to ask “high yield” questions of your own


Recommended length: 2.5 - 3 hrs

Advanced Resume Writing for MBAs

If you have a “good” resume, it simply isn’t good enough…it has to be GREAT.  A truly effective resume is more than just a pretty or well-constructed document…it’s a powerful marketing tool that allows you to stand out among your toughest competition, showcases your value to an employer in the most compelling way possible, and most importantly…makes your phone ring off the hook!


In this jam-packed session, participants will learn the latest advanced resume strategies from one of North America’s top resume writers – someone who has helped countless MBA graduates, industry leaders and executives across the U.S., Canada and internationally.  Prepare to take notes – this is NOT your average resume session!


Participants will learn:


  • How to approach a resume strategically vs. structurally

  • How to build a dynamic and concise Profile that grabs attention

  • Specific techniques and strategies for MBAs planning a major career change

  • How to properly construct accomplishment statements for the maximum impact

  • Advanced tips and techniques that only the best professional resume writers know


Recommended length: 2 - 2.5 hours

Managing your Online Identity: Digital Brand Building for MBAs

In today’s job market, recruiters not only look at your LinkedIn profile, they will also Google you. Do you appear online as you would want a recruiter to see you?  Does your online brand, or online identity, market you effectively and support your career goals? 


In this dynamic interactive workshop, Ross leads participants through:


  • What constitutes a strong online identity and brand

  • Great sites and online tools to help you manage and strengthen your online brand

  • Strategies to help manage what Google results your name generates

  • Particular attention to building a strong LinkedIn profile


Recommended length: 2.5 hours

Cover Letters, Marketing Letters & LinkedIn InMails

Make no mistake, how you introduce yourself in your job search is a crucial part of your success, and can either help or hurt your chances. Sadly, most cover letters are awful, most people still don’t know how to contact a company “cold”, and too many professionals don’t know how to properly connect with alumni or potential connections on LinkedIn.


In this session, Ross will introduce participants to the different types of letters and introductions you can use, when and how to use them, and most importantly how to construct them so that they convey the right message and make YOU stand out from the crowd.



Recommended length: 1 - 1.5 hrs

Other topics Ross has customized and delivered include...

  • Personal Branding for Career Success

  • The LinkedIn Power Hour!

  • Mastering Telephone Interviews

  • How to Properly Research a Company

  • Writing Powerful Resume Accomplishments

  • Assembling an Effective Job Search Plan

  • Fundamentals of Salary Negotiations

  • Using Social Media for Job Search Success




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