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“We hire some very high-profile speakers at Rotman and our Executive MBAs voted Ross the #1 speaker for the year. They were still talking about him weeks later. He’s engaging, professional, his advice is practical and he really understands how MBAs/EMBAs should be marketing themselves in their careers. This is a tough and very demanding audience to please, and their feedback shows how good he really is…definitely the BEST of the BEST.”


- Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

MBA Student & Participant Feedback...


“Probably the best and most relevant speaker I’ve ever heard. Extraordinary content and facilitation skills!”


“Your presentation provided more useful information in one session than all of the combined wisdom of all the books I have read and other presentations I have seen”


“Thank you for your AMAZING presentation on Advanced Resumes.  For me, it was as though ‘a light finally went on’ because your information was so clear, well organized and practical and best of all, the results are astounding!”


“Ross and content were amazing!”


“Give us other topics from Ross…Please!”


“Excellent – I don’t know how it could be improved!”


“Best presentation EVER!”


“One of the best and most relevant speakers I’ve heard”


“Excellent class – very valuable, well paced.  Ross is an excellent presenter – definitely an expert!


“Answered questions in great detail and provided amazing information”


“His energy is infectious”


“Brilliant, pragmatic, extremely useful”


“I really loved this workshop. Ross, you’re awesome!  I can’t think of another educational session that I attended twice and enjoyed them equally both times!!!”


“My wife heard Ross speak 7 years ago and she still talks about it. Now I know why”


“Ross is one of the BEST presenters I have heard in 40 years”


“Excellent content, superbly presented”


“One of the best, most practical workshops I’ve ever attended”


“I am so glad I attended the program.  I wish the session was longer.  WOW! I would love to hear from Ross on other topics”


“Insightful and bang on topic!”


“Great tips…HUGE confidence booster”


“Listening to Ross was fascinating...and that's not easy to say about a workshop on resume writing!! Truly superb!”


“A superlative speaker with amazing insights”


“His presentation is current, usable, and delivered in a very human and humourous approach. Its rare that the speaker, content and delivery are all that superb!”

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